At CBN, we believe that you, the customer, are entitled to the best, cheapest, and most reliable Internet service available in today’s market. Unfortunately, most markets have only one provider which limits your choices.

We believe that you should have the ability to choose internet access that is best suited to your needs. The Internet has become a very critical and essential part of our daily lives. We are heavily dependent on it for communication, for information, and for shopping and entertainment. Communicating through the internet and our cell phones has become a central component of how we live and share our experiences with those around us. The world is truly a much smaller village, thanks to the Internet.

At CBN we pride ourselves on being part of the community. We’re not a big corporate conglomerate so we believe in focusing on your needs. For this reason, we do not require contracts. We also fully endorse net neutrality, meaning that we do not block or restrict any site from your viewing. We also believe that you are entitled to the fastest speeds possible and we provide them by harnessing the latest wireless technology available today.

We are able to keep our rates low because we do not spend big money on advertising or other goals that don’t focus on you, the customer. All of our available capital resources are spent providing you the best experience possible for your Internet services.

Your support and feedback are critical to our success. We are a growing company, so although we may not be perfect in every way, we strive to be the best service provider to you. We want to provide exceptional customer service. If you have a good experience with us, please share it with your neighbors, on our Facebook page, or on our Nextdoor page. If we fall short of your expectations somehow, please give us the opportunity to fix it. We welcome your participation to help us grow in your community, and to give you a choice of Internet service carriers!

Thank you,

Paul Reynolds, President, CBN